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Welcome to Bazoki

At Bazoki We Shop For Our Customers Daily Needs from their Local Market with no Additional Cost while the Customer orders from the comfort of their home and receives delivery in 2hrs.

We deliver a wide rage of products from FMCG, Grocery, Household, Bakery & Dairy products, Processed foods and most importantly we provide hand picked fresh vegetables, fruits and non frozen items which makes us different from other competition who delivers non fresh products from their warehouse or dark stores due to their operational model.

We are a part of Indian Online Essential Delivery Market which is set to reach $22Bn in fiscal 2025 from its current $6Bn.

With understanding of Indian demography, consumer Mindset, shopping pattern and decentralized approach Bazoki has developed its revolutionary business model to penetrate last mile households and gather a sizeable market share of this growing sector.

With over 17000+ growing Customer base and unmatched service quality BAZOKI aims to become the daily shopping preference of every Indian household.

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