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  1. fresh vegetable delivery

    Eating fresh helps you gain complete nutrition that increases metabolism, boosts immunity also helps fight diabetes, hypertension, obesity and other lifestyle diseases. Our no-storage, no-cold-chain delivery mechanism helps you enjoy newly harvested, preservative-free garden-fresh fruits and vegetables. Doctors suggest eating fresh as it contains complete nutrition elements. Eating fresh is a must for growing kids, pregnant women, senior citizens and also health conscious persons. The natural taste of fresh fruits and vegetables can never be witnessed once it is refrigerated or come from any cold chain. Elevate your online grocery shopping experience in Kolkata, where freshness meets convenience.

  2. fresh grocery direct from market
    Direct From Market

    As we strive to bring in garden-fresh newly harvested unpreserved products everytime you place an order, our dedicated shopmasters handpick products directly from your local market at the most competitive price. If you are looking to buy grocery online in Kolkata, Bazoki is your best choice for fresh grocery delivery service in Kolkata. Enjoy the juicy, aromatic, tender products that come to your plate directly from the market without any processing or preservatives. The taste and freshness combined with the nutritional value of your ordered product are sure to enhance your mood. Our direct from market strategy incorporates local vendors into the digital eco-system who otherwise would not have became a part of this growing e-commerce market and would have lost in competition against the big retailers.

  3. No cold chain | preservative-free food
    No Cold Chain

    Our acclaimed garden-fresh delivery mechanism helps you enjoy complete nutritional value of your fresh vegetables, fruits, never frozen fish, meat and poultry. Enjoy the taste of our unpreserved no-cold-chain products. Doctors recommend eating healthy and fresh foods and now you can get fresh fruits online with full of nutrition every time you order from Bazoki. Enjoy the juiciness of seasonal fruits that have not gone through any cold chain. The aroma of garden-fresh seasonal vegetables is sure to amaze your tastebuds and you will surely fall in love with non refrigerated products. Our never frozen range of fish, meat and poultry is sure to remind you village life taste of non veg items. We recommend to order fresh and enjoy natural taste, aroma and tenderness along with nutritional value and avoid using refrigerator as our shopmasters are happy to hand-pick your orders.

  4. No Fumigation
    Non Fumigation

    Packaged groceries are less in nutritional value as it go through the process of chemical fumigation before getting wrapped for storage. This chemical fumigation helps to store the product for a longer time but takes away the natural nutritional benefits of products which are essential for our wellbeing and growth. Our openly sourced grocery and cooking essentials help you enjoy the taste and aroma of purity while retaining nutritional value. We do not store any products, rather procure them directly from sellers who do not adopt any chemical spray or preservatives. If you are looking to buy unprocessed fresh grocery online Bazoki is your best choice. Now you can buy grocery online and we will deliver you directly from market without any storage and cold chain.

  5. No storage
    No Storage

    The online grocery delivery segment works on an inventory based model which requires the service provider to stock up products with objective to deliver as an when orders are received. This whole process of storage reduces the freshness and nutritional value of products. At Bazoki we not only deliver garden-fresh, unpreserved, unprocessed, no cold chain, never frozen, handpicked healthy and natural products directly from market. But also stand by you in your healthy eating journey by doing the everyday fresh shopping for you. If you are willing to start healthy eating habits and looking to get fresh grocery online in Kolkata Bazoki is your choice of preference. You do not need to store whole weeks' stock which loses its taste, texture, and nutritional value due to refrigeration.

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Common Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you prefer Bazoki over other grocery Apps?

At Bazoki we do not keep any stock. We hand pick your order from your nearest wholesale market and deliver at your doorstep in 2hrs. This helps us to deliver you a wide range of products. But in other businesses you are restricted to their available products offering, additionally you pay the best price for your most Freshly Bought Products.

What is the minimum order for free delivery in Bazoki?

-There is no delivery charge for orders above rs 200.

Why Bazoki’s grocery items are cheaper than other websites?

Here at Bazoki, we are able to offer you grocery items at lower price than other websites due to our No Stock model. We have established strong relationships with local producers and distributors, which allows us to procure goods at much lower price. Additionally, we operate with a lean business model, keeping our overhead costs minimal. These factors enable us to pass on savings to you in the form of lower price across categories.

What is the most popular grocery delivery service?

6 Best Grocery Delivery Apps for you

  1. Bazoki
  2. Bigbasket
  3. Blinkit
  4. Flipkart Supermart
  5. Zepto
  6. Spencer's
How does Bazoki manage to deliver fresh groceries?

Bazoki maintains the freshness of their groceries by sourcing them directly from local farmers and markets, minimizing transportation chain.

Everytime Bazoki's Shopmaster’s receive orders from you, they procure fresh items from local markets and deliver it to doorstep in 2 hrs.

What are the items Bazoki provides?

Bazoki offers wide range of chemically unprocessed/ fumigated open sourced groceries, fresh non-cold chained fruits and vegetables, and never frozen meats and fish directly from market. Even you can get rare items like Bokful, Kumroful, Kochur Loti, Fish oil, Fish eggs etc

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