Common Frequently Asked Questions

What are hyperlocal apps?

Hyperlocal apps not only deliver products listed by stores and retailers but also allow consumers to place generic orders that can be filled by any store. In addition, some hyperlocal startups offer consumers the option of sending parcels from one location to another in the city.

What is a hyperlocal delivery?

The term 'hyperlocal' refers to a business that goes local. Through a digital platform, hyperlocal delivery models meet the on-demand needs of customers through local offline shops. It is easy for customers to meet their needs with such a delivery model.

What are hyperlocal services?

The term hyperlocal service refers to those services provided within a limited geographic area where sellers can deliver their product or service within a short period of time. For instance, hyperlocal services include delivering goods such as food, grocery, drugs, furniture, and electronic items.

What are hyperlocal products?

In the context of eCommerce, hyperlocal refers to the delivery of goods in a particular geographical area, where the seller is based. Hyperlocal services are quick and the products ordered in such a mode of business are delivered very quickly using either the seller's own fleet or a specialised courier company.

Which is the best app to order groceries?

6 Best Grocery Delivery Apps for you

  • Bazoki
  • Bigbasket
  • Blinkit
  • Flipkart Supermart
  • Dunzo
  • Spencer's
What is the most popular grocery delivery service?

While Bazoki is growing rapidly to cater a bigger market due to its operational module,Bigbasket has to be on the list when we mention grocery delivery apps. Founded in 2011, Bigbasket is the largest grocery delivery app.

Additionally, Bigbasket is available in seven different languages and serves the major parts of India, including the main cities.

Why should you prefer Bazoki over other grocery Apps?

At Bazoki we do not keep any stock, rather hand pick your order from your nearest wholesale market and deliver at your doorstep in 2hrs. This helps us to deliver you a wide range of products unlike other businesses where you are restricted to their available products offering, additionally you pay the best price for your most Freshly Bought Products.